Credited from our in-house labs and several major denim brands, Our new concentrated Liquid Indigo and Eco-Finishing–alternative to mercerization —have proven themselves to be the most advanced for sustainable denim production in the current marketplace. Over 1 year, Liquid Indigo would eliminate 700,000 lbs of Sodium Hydrosulphate from being dumped in the environment. Eco-Finishing would save up to 40 million gallons of water!

Who We Are

Emerging in 1980, Twin Dragon was established amidst the birth of the” designer jean” craze. Denim now had more of a presence in the fashion world and had become a canvas for personal expression. Twin Dragon is headquartered in the denim capital of the world Los Angeles, California where the latest denim trends are born.

We possess a passionate dedication to superior quality product, customer-conscience service and logistics. In addition, we have an annual global production capacity for over 80 million square yards in Mexico, China, and Taiwan, as well as Pakistan and Africa.

In partnerships with innovative laundries and manufactures, we provide our customers with advanced washing technologies and expert product development. Our product developments go through strict quality control testing and aspire to be the enhancement to our customer’s brand. With our wide range of customers in mind, we aim to ensure our fabrics cover the needs of both the premium denim brands as well as major retailers.

Dominic Poon | Founder | CEO


More importantly than ever, with denim prevailing as the go-to bottom weight fabric, Twin Dragon has a great desire to leave a positive footprint on the planet. Given there is a marketable opportunity , as the demand grows for fashion goods to emulate sustainable and eco-friendly properties, so does that desire trickle down to our roots of development. Realizing we have a responsibility to future generations, we have developed fabrics using fibers made from trees of sustainable forests and polyester from recycled plastic.

From Austrian based, Lenzing, Tencel® is utilized in many of our premium denim development processes because of its soft and smooth hand and higher absorbency rates than cotton. Additionally, Tencel® has main ecological advantages, being less toxic to cultivate than cotton or polyester has on water and soil in the environment.  Additionally, Tencel® is made from raw material wood, stems from forest plantations which practice sustainability.

Polyester is a viable fiber specifically utilized in high stretch denims and twills to provide strength for recovery support.  Manufactured in USA, by Unifi, Repreve® is made from 100% recycled polyester harvested from plastic bottles.  In comparison to virgin polyester, Repreve® conserves resources and offsets the need to use newly refined crude oil, reducing energy consumption by over 66%.  7 plastic water bottles = The amount of recycled polyester in one of our womens core stretch denims.

Our FOREVER denims are made possibly by special sustainable cellulose Modal® COLOR fibers, dyed in the solvent stage, to create the most supreme colorfastness. These eco-friendly specialty denims FOREVER BLACK ® and FOREVER WHITE® therefore need no additional dying, saving water, eliminating unnecessary pollutants in addition to saving the customer money in the laundering process.

Keep Indigo Out Of The Water

Keep it in the DENIM.
Save water and use less chemicals

Research and Development


Where our passion lies..

Creating the most marketable product for our customer’s bottom line in the ever-evolving fashion textiles landscape.

Latest Stretch Innovations

the stretch denim standard for years has been a blend of cotton and Lycra® – provided great stretch but did not maintain the jean’s shape, with our dual core blends with Lycra® T400® – it solves that issue. Since 2012, Twin Dragon had fully invested in the capabilities of dual-core technology that has revolutionized stretch jeans by providing the recovery needed to prevent sagging and bagging in stress prone areas.

Specialty Performance Fibers

Comfort has been increasingly important in the denim sector. Specialty fibers that can cool or provide warmth, popular in athletic wear, now are being utilized in capsule denim collections.

Performance Fibers

Cooling properties have been in athleisure and sportswear for some years now. Only makes sense that when surveyed recently, consumers would like to see these properties in their jeans-wear as well.
Our performance denim uniquely blends Sorbtek® and Repreve®-poly fibers-both come from our Affiliate, Unifi, an American manufacturer– that ingeniously unites temperature regulation functionality and eco-conscious sustainability. This combination creates strong denim that provides cooling and does the Earth some good.


Flexible & Adaptive Logistics

Headquartered in Los Angeles, California – the epicenter of premium denim – Twin Dragon has an in–house sample department for product development and quality testing. With production facilities across much of Asia and mills in Mexico, Twin Dragon can easily drop–ship to manufacturers across the globe. We continue to bridge with facilities strategic to benefit from many of the major global Free–Trade Agreements. Within the next couple of years, Twin Dragon has plans for expanding Mexico production facilities to accommodate a near doubling of its current capacity.

Speed To Market

With our pulse close to the key trends that will drive sales, we have flexible lead times to make room for the right product to run the mills. By getting the latest advantageous new product in our customers’ hands to get into their stores, we assist in eliminating competition and giving our customers the upper hand.

Blue River | Laundry House

Located just outside of downtown Los Angeles, Blue River offers the most advanced and fashion forward wash techniques and premium finishing available. Constantly pursuing the latest and greatest in wash technologies, they offer a full array of wet and dry garment processing.

A leader in eco-friendly innovations and technologies, Blue River denim has Jeanologia’s G2 Ozone machine and Jeanologia’s Flexi 3e laser  available allowing them to create authentic washes with low to zero water and almost no chemicals.

Their highly trained staff specializes in many wet and dry processing techniques including garment, ombre, and tie dying, wax, pigment and tinted coatings and mixed process denim washing. Less water = less energy = less pollutants.


Unifi is the lead supplier of the first-ever branded recycled Polyester fiber, REPREVE®. Recognizing the eco-friendly polyester for the ‘future’, Twin Dragon has been using REPREVE® in our latest poly-heavy denim developments for a greener effect and competitive edge in the eco-conscious marketplace.

We are proud to be partnered with the most trusted world-wide cotton, supplier – Cotton Incorporated – Enforcing a cotton industry that is committed to researching and promoting environmentally viable solutions that help secure the future of cotton- that still remains the key fiber for all denims and twills in the global marketplace today.

We have an acute passion and affinity for creating stretch denims that achieve the best performance in stretch percentage and retaining their shape. Invista’s mission for sustaining a competitive advantage with uncompromised integrity forges an alliance with ours in this quest.

Lenzing began with nature as their origin and innovation as their mission for over 75 years now!  Their key developments, TENCEL® and MODAL®, are from cellulose fibers made from sustainable forest wood pulp- a wonderful environmental feat!  We have been using these amazing fibers for over 8 years now, and we absolutely love their eco-friendly story and softness they provide in our premium denim collections.

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